Raven Glass Wand


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Raven is a shorter, curved glass dildo offers the user the opportunity to explore deep firm penetrative play, holding on to one bulbous end and spelunking with the other. Made of borosilicate glass (think the stuff that Pyrex cookware is made from), you can chill or warm it to enjoy the sensation of different temperatures. For those women who love firm pressure on their paraurethral sponge or on the back of the bladder wall, this will work very well.

This can also be used as a resistance device for pelvic floor exercises, though it is only for those who have strong muscles already and want to continue strengthening them.

While this can be used for either anal or vaginal penetration, we caution that you want to be very careful during anal play so that you do not let it slip all the way in. When using anally, you will want to be sure the wand curves toward the belly button, not away, to follow the internal curve of the rectum.

Material: glass
Dimensions: 5 1/2″ long x 1 1/8″ wide at the widest point.
Cleaning: Soap and warm water.
Caution: Inspect before each use and do not use if there are any cracks or chips in it.

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