Rabbit Fur Two


Rabbit Fur Two, a mystery. The unknowables: who, what, when, why & how will these two little one-speed vibrators be used. The known: one silicone sleeve could be on someone’s finger, telling a story. Or you could slip that sleeve on one of the vibrators, and gently tantilize with the buzzy vibrations. Or you could slip the other vibrator into the sleeve attached to the very, very, stretchy ring, which could be worn… anywhere really. The vibrators are typically moderate in sound, so your story telling might need to be louder.

How will the mystery end?

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Color: Color varies: sometimes purple, sometimes blue, sometimes pink.
Size: vibrators are 0.63″ wide x 2.” long. Rabbit sleeve is 3.5″ long. Ring is 1.5″, but very, very stretchy.
Material: Vibrator is plastic w/ silicone sleeves
Batteries: 6 LR44 batteries (included).
Cleaning Instructions: Splashable. Wash with warm, soapy water on a cloth when cap is tightly closed to keep water from the inside.
Important: Be sure to loosen the cap slightly when this toy is not in use. This will keep your toy from turning on accidentally and wearing down the motor.

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