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For people who want to experience an uncircumcised dildo with the skin-shaft movement, Prentiss is a good choice. This two piece dildo set has an underlying shaft that is fun to play with all by itself, but you can lube up the outer ‘skin’ and it will float over the surface similarly to how uncircumcised skin feels. The material is firmer than actual foreskin, but Prentiss is making a good attempt. Fine hand-held or harness use and has a slight cup at base for suction. The shaft size with the floating skin is fairly large in width, so be aware.

Size: 1.75″ shaft diameter, with a 6″ insertable length. Overall length 7″.
Color: Peach
Material: Silicone
Care & Cleaning: Wash set independently. Use a water-based lubricant.

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