Pom Rechargeable

This is a very quiet surprise. One could say “wonderful” surprise. The soft-shelled, whisper-quiet, waterproof Pom fits snuggly in your palm, and delivers powerful throbby vibration with 5 different pulsation patterns each with 5 intensity settings. Hot tub? No problem. Bath? No problem. Not waking up the roomie? No problem. Locking travel mode? Great. In use, our testers liked that there were fewer pulsation patterns with more options to choose the intensity. The Pom seems easier to customize, rather than having to click past a whole lot of vibration pattern types you just don’t like.

If you feel your We Vibe Tango keeps slipping out of your hands, and your We Vibe Wish is just a tad too big (and maybe just louder to boot), the rechargeable Pom wins the day, wonderfully.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Size: 2″ wide x 1″ deep. Total length is 3″.
Color: Pomegranate or Ice blue.
Material: Silicone
Power: Rechargeable. Magnetic USB charge cord included.
Care & Cleaning: Waterproof, use non-moisturizing soap and warm water to clean; do not use silicone lubricant
Warranty: 3 year manufacturers warranty.
Special Instructions: When turning the Pom OFF, you can’t touch both sides! Only touch the button on the back (non-curved) side pocket.

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pomegranate, Ice Blue