Plush Harness


An affordable, versatile, synthetic harness that can jump from the bed to the washing machine, the Plush Harness is a good choice. So adjustable! When you want more stability for firmer thrusting, keep the back plate in place, which helps control the o-ring strap positions. If you want to add more stimulation, add a capsule vibrator to  the harness pocket, and transmit vibration thru the dildo being used. If the wearer has a penis just wear it with the harness back plate above the base of the penis.

Want to switch to using a double dildo? Remove the back plate, and (for most people) lower where the o-ring sits to lower than the pubic bone. This allows you to easily hold the double without fatiguing your pelvic floor muscles.

Three O-ring are included to accommodate almost any size of dildo, and soft synthetic straps are comfortable from the first wearing.

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Color: Black or Purple.
Material: Synthetic
Size/O-ring: Fits up to 56″ hip/waist; O-rings can be adjusted out, and back plate removed.
Care & Cleaning: Gentle hand wash with mild soap and warm water; or put in a lingerie washing bag before throwing in the wash; allow for complete dry before storing.

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Any color, Black, Purple

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