Pleasuring Her First


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The yoni (female genitals) is a very important and powerful part of Tantric and Kama Sutra texts, and sexually pleasuring a female partner is considered very important. We couldn’t agree more! This excellent DVD shows real-life couples of many ethnicities, plus one couple following along at home, in a workshop with Dr. Patti Britton. As Dr. Britton talks about female anatomy, sensuality and overall sexual pleasure, the couples demonstrate a variety of techniques for us. We start with a full-body massage, focusing on the head, neck and face and working all the way down to the feet. Next is a kissing lesson, with a focus on variety and passion. The couples also demonstrate a variety of techniques for sensually pleasuring the yoni (female genitals) with the hands and with the mouth, then move on to how to pleasure the lingam (male genitals) with the hands and with the mouth. Finally, the ”union of the crow” (”69” position for oral sex) is explained and demonstrated.

We especially like this DVD because it shows real couples, and because the demonstrations are well done. This DVD would be great for anyone who wants to learn more about alternatives to intercourse, about how to give a partner greater pleasure, or just about how to increase your erotic connection with your partner. We love the focus on all-body sensuality (rather than just on intercourse), and on fully arousing a female partner. Even the explanation of the ”69” position, which is often considered suboptimal for pleasure, is shown in a new light as we’re invited to consider it an opportunity to feel the exchange of sexual energy between ourselves and our partner. Very thorough and well-made, and recommended. Includes a music CD you can use during your next erotic encounter.

120 min. Produced in 2005. This DVD does not have region-specific coding, and is playable all over the world.