Peach Remote Egg


The Peach Remote Egg is an easy-to-control vibrating vaginal egg. By itself, push the side button to activate a fairly buzzy vibration pattern. Click the button once to cycle through different modes to find the one you like. OR, synchronize the remote controller (big enough not to get lost in the bed) before inserting into the vagina, and then anyone with the controller who is 10-25 ft away can turn it on for you. The rechargeable prong port makes this only splashable, so you might want to wear the egg inside of a condom for complete secretion safety. Not intended for anal use.


Color: Pink, Purple
Size: Widest point on egg is 1.25” w/ a length of 2.5”. Total length with cord is 6.5”
Material: Silicone.
Power: Prong-style USB charge cord included.
Cleaning and Operation Instructions: Splashable. Do not get secretions into prong port (wear it in a condom if using vaginally.) Clean with soapy warm water on a washcloth. Do not use oils or silicone lubricant. Use water-based lubricant.
HOLD and press the side button to turn off. To synchronize the egg and the remote, press the on/off button (light should turn on), then operate the remote.
Note: Do not use the Peach Remote Egg if you use an IUD as the cords can tangle and tug the IUD out.
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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Any color, Pink, Purple

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