Our Bodies Ourselves: Menopause



The wonderful women of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective have come out with a comprehensive guide to navigating life at and through menopause. This book is about much more than menopause; it’s a guide to thinking about the many issues that one encounters at midlife. Everything from exercise, to wrinkles to retirement gets consideration. The book carefully explains what happens in the body during the menopausal transition, and how those changes as well as general aging affect one’s life. The discussion of hormonal treatment for the symptoms of menopause is handled carefully, and frames both the risks and benefits of hormone treatment so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

We consider this to be one of those books that every woman should own, and commend the writers for their careful and thorough examination of the many issues that women will face during midlife and beyond. Highly Recommended.

Length: 350 pages.
Author: Edited by the Boston Women’s Health Collective.
Published in: 2006.