Our Bodies Ourselves: 35th Anniversary Edition


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This is the best resource on women’s health that is available, and does a wonderful job of including women of all sizes, races, sexual orientations, ages and abilities in its content. For some of us, it is the first time we have a place to discover, verify, and explore how our own body works, as well as the issues around women’s health and sexuality. A very comprehensive book which includes information about sexuality, reproduction, aging, nutrition and disabilities.
This newest edition, released in April 2005 (the last edition was published in 1998), features updated information on birth control, sexuality, nutrition and abortion, as well as numerous links to an easy-to-use website (www.ourbodiesourselves.org) that can be accessed to learn more about many of the book’s topics. The Boston Women’s Health Book Collective has once again done a fantastic job of putting together this invaluable resource as they continue to expand and update. Highly recommended.

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