Orgasmic Women


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The latest from Betty Dodson (author of Sex for One), this DVD features 13 women masturbating in all sorts of ways — with hands, with toys, with a shower head, on their stomachs, on their backs, etc. The goal was to ”demystify female masturbation”, and it’s a treat to see real women (with real bodies in all shapes and sizes) having very real orgasms! A truly informative, inspiring and arousing film.

90 min. Produced in 2005.

One of our reviewers writes:

”This movie was fascinating. Betty is so personable and down-to-earth. Her enthusiasm for selflove is evident, but she also treats it like the most normal thing in the world. The women speak candidly about their selflove experiences and seem eager to demonstrate. Betty asks them questions about when they started, what messages they received about masturbation growing up, what techniques they use, if they share it with a partner, etc. The movie is a conversation about women’s relationships with masturbation and with themselves, and Betty is able to acknowledge and explore the diversity of this topic with clarity and insight. She discusses the positive impact of ”owning your own sexuality” and using selflove as healing or meditation. She claims that ”our masturbation histories give us a lot of information about who we are as sexual adults;” an idea I found so interesting I had to rewind the movie so I could write it down. All of the women claim that masturbation is a vital part of their lives whether they are partnered or not. The structure of the movie demonstrates just how personal masturbation is; it doesn’t provide specific ”how-tos” or tell viewers how they should feel about it. Instead, by highlighting different women’s selflove experiences and how they talk about them, it encourages the viewer to think about her selfloving relationship with herself. One woman demonstrates how she uses a small stone to masturbate. She uses special rocks that she finds in her travels, and through this use, she is connecting with the earth and with the particular place she visited. I really like that concept, and it’s just one of many inspirational, affirmative statements in this film.”