Nora  is a bunny-style toy for those with a vagina & clitoris who want to interact sexually from a distance. Nora can be remote controlled (phone app/bluetooth) and INTERACT with Max 2 through a secure, encrypted app that allows the 2 toys to talk to each other. When you move Max 2, Nora’s shaft will rotate! When you move Nora, Max 2 contracts!

You can use their video portal to play together face-to-face, record a session that a partner plays back at a different time (interactive sensations are included in the playback!), or just play on your own. Technology makes distance play so much easier with this toy.

Nora has a silicone coated, reversible, rotating shaft and a flexible vibrating arm to get the right position for vibration. Buttons are easy to use, and noise level is mild but louder with higher speeds.


Size:  1.38″ widest diameter with a 4.75″ long insertable portion. Overall length 9.5″.
Colors: Pink w/white plastic base
Material: Silicone w/plastic base
Power: Rechargeable with included magnetic USB cord charger.
Care & Cleaning: Waterproof.  Use water-based lubricant. NOTE: push button (electric sign) for 3 seconds to activate, then cycle through modes. Push again for 3 seconds to turn off and save your charge.
Warranty: 1 year warranty on motor with A Woman’s Touch.

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