Nipple Erection Kit


Slip an O-ring over the miniature pump and pump up your nipple. Then slide the O-ring off the pump and onto the nipple and Voila! Nipple Erections! The rings trap blood in the nipple, keeping it erect and increasing its sensitivity. Great for people with less sensitive nipples, or those who want to keep their nipples erect.

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Our testers found them to be moderate-to-very intense, and those who enjoy a lot of nipple stimulation report these to be quite pleasurable. They provide stimulation that is not quite like strong pinching – they create a firm hold around the nipple and increase the tip’s sensitivity.

Each kit contains two pumps, a 7mm and a 13mm, and 8 O-rings (2 each 13mm, 10mm, 7mm, and 5mm)

Color: Colors may vary (Black or Purple) from picture shown.

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