Nipple Clamps — Wide Pad


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To use the Wide Pad Nipple Clamps, adjust the amount of pressure you want by squeezing the clamp spring open, then use the screw to hold the clamps exactly at that set pressure. This can make them feel less intense, depending on where you set them. Don’t use the screw to open the clamp, or you will strip the threads. The clamp tips are wider (1/4 inch) than the Narrow Pad Nipple Clamps. Covered with a flexible plastic coating, the tips cannot bite into your skin and cause infection. Classy, long, medium-weight chain for teasing or increased pull.

Size:  16″ long.
Color: Silver.
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with soapy warm water.
Wearing Instructions: Limit the time worn to <20 minutes to allow blood to flow back to nipples or clitoris. Tip sheet included.

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