Neon Wand


If you want to make sparks in the bedroom (beyond just a figure of speech), the Neon Wand by KinkLab might be an electrifying addition to your toybox. This compact, lightweight plug-in wand comes with 4 glass attachments that distribute an electrical discharge (Tesla coil) across the surface of the skin. A dial on the wand allows the user to adjust the intensity of the toy’s output—this means you’re free to create a warm tingling feeling, work up to a very focused intensity, and explore everything in between.

This toy has lower maximum settings than other wands, so is a safe choice for folks who want to explore sensual play with electricity (from beginners to advanced users). The 4 attachments vary in shape and purpose: the electrode comb distributes focused sensations across multiple points on the body; the mushroom-shaped tube and tongue-shaped tube diffuse the charge over a wider surface area for milder sensations; and the 90 degree curve applies an intense sensation to a small area of skin, giving it more bite.

Wand comes with full operating instructions, care and cleaning suggestions, and safety information, and is packaged in a hard-shell storage box. As with any sensation play item, please read instructions prior to use, and proceed with wisdom.


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Includes: Wand handset (1) and glass attachments (4)
Colors: White Wand/purple gas or Red Wand/red gas

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Any color, Red + red, White/Purple

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