Multi-Orgasmic Couple



Subtitled “How couples can dramatically enhance their pleasure, intimacy, and health,” in this follow-up to the excellent book The Multi-Orgasmic Man, authors Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams are joined by their partners, Maneewan Chia and Rachel Carlton Abrams. They present a discussion of techniques for both men and women to achieve multiple orgasms together.

Using the principles of Taoist sexuality, they examine ways for couples to deepen their intimacy, sexual ecstasy and spirituality, both together and alone. This is a great book for those couples looking to work on enhancing intimacy or to bring a spiritual dynamic to their sexual play. It is also a terrific choice for those interested in extended or multiple orgasms, regardless of the spiritual nature of their sexual experiences.

The writing is straightforward and precise and covers a wide range of topics, including safer sex, aging, specific sexual techniques, cultivating compassion for self and partner, and much more. This book would be ideal for couples interested in the subject matter but turned off by the less down-to-earth language found in other books about expanded orgasm or sacred sexuality. The book features exercises that are easy-to-understand and accomplish, and these exercises are illustrated by beautiful charcoal drawings.

Although the book presumes that the readers are heterosexual, the information is excellent and can be adapted easily to fit into any couple’s sexual relationship.

Length: 204 pages
Authors: Mantak Chia, Maneewan Chia, Douglas Abrams and Rachel Carlton Abrams
Published in: 2000.

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