Moto Toy Bag


When style and practicality blended together, the Moto Toy Bag was born. Sure it’s a super soft clutch… over-night bag… lunch bag, or whatever you want to hold in it, including most of your sex toys and lube. Generously sized 13″ x 8″, this soft sided, zipper closed bag holds almost everything but larger toys (Magic Wand doesn’t quite fit). Inner layer is easily wipe-able, and in a pinch you could soak the whole thing if it became messy. Use it daily to store your toys, or pack it up for quick get-away trips. One way or the other, you’ll use it.

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Color: Black, Merlot or Purple.
Size: 8″ high x 13″ long, with 4.5″ wide base.
Material: washable fabric
Cleaning Instructions: wipe down head of toy with a warm, soapy water on a washcloth.


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Any color, Black, Purple, Red

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