Men’s Health’s Best.Sex.Ever


Whether you identify as a man or are curious about the kinds of questions men might have about sex and how 2 writers/sex educators might answer those questions, this book will be a fun and informative read. No question is too embarrassing and the stories are realistic and approachable. Each question offers suggestions and a delightful checklist of ways to follow through to experience the many varieties of sexual expression included in the book.


No matter your preferences or what you’re into, and whether you’re single or in a relationship or several relationships at once, Best. Sex. Ever. is your funny and friendly authority on having awesome sex. You’ll find the answers to pressing questions like:

  • Is dirty talk problematic in a post-#MeToo world? (Nope. As long as your partner is into it, curse away, my dude.)
  • What’s the secret to taking a really good nude? (See: our illustrated guide to the best-ever selfie positions!)
  • Is it weird that I’m a straight guy who wants to try butt stuff? (Only if you hate the mind-blowing pleasure of prostate massage.)
  • Are my kinks normal? (Definitely—and we’ll show you how to try them.)
  • What’s the sexiest way to ask for enthusiastic consent? (Yup, it can be sexy.)

Complete with sex position illustrations, juicy anecdotes and honest myth-busting advice for open-minded, sex-loving guys, this book is bursting with insights on achieving pleasure with your partner(s)–every single time.

208 pp. Authors: Jordyn Taylor and Zachary Zane