Mating in Captivity


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Mating in Captivity is a refreshingly original look at the way sexual relationships change over time, the choices we make that create those changes, and what we can do to rekindle the flames. The premise is that sustaining desire over time requires reconciling two opposing forces: freedom and commitment. The author regards this as a paradox to manage, rather than a problem to solve, and has a very upbeat approach to helping couples find what they’ve been missing in their relationships, and in particular, their sex lives.

The information in this book is applicable whether you are straight or gay, with or without children. The book is written for anyone who, a few months or years down the road, finds themselves wondering ”where did the spark go” and ”can we ever get it back”? You’ll read case examples of couples who find new ways to restore a sense of discovery and newness, finding balance between the safety and security we crave in our long term relationship and the autonomy and mystery that allows erotic desire to flourish.

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Esther Perel

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