Magic Wand Plus


A-Plus, that is! If you want a reliable, plug-in wand that has super easy to control buttons, thobby vibrations at a fairly quiet motor, then it might be time to throw out your old Magic Wand and replace it with the Magic Wand Plus. So many details the designers got right:

  1. Detachable cord that clicks in as it locks in place: you can finally shut your drawers when the cleaners come!
  2. Very quiet first and second speeds means that your grandma will finally stop waking you up when she uses hers.
  3. Soft silicone head has a silky smooth texture, without the slight texture that the Magic Wand Original has.
  4. The vibrations are throbby and go up and down 5 steps. No more clicking through 20 thousand different settings just because you hit a button by mistake.
  5. The vibration level of stage 1 is actually lower than the original corded Magic Wand and the Doxy. If you love pulsating low-speed throb, come-get-it.

If you want to lose the cord or you would like more vibration patterns, choose the Rechargeable Magic Wand. If you like the arousing, rambunctious noise, the Plus is too quiet, so choose the original Magic Wand. If you want something throbby, straight forward up/down vibrations with a longer cord, that is also purple, choose the Doxy. If you want something much smaller and lighter to the hand, choose the Mystic or the Petite Wand.

Plus the writing on the box is funny. The Magic Wand Plus is going to give the Doxy a run for her money (although with a longer cord, the Doxy can run farther….).



Color: White
Size: Total length 13; Head: 2″ wide with 2.5″ long
Material: plastic.
Cleaning Instructions: wipe down head of toy with a warm, soapy water on a washcloth.

Note: This item cannot be shipped or used outside North America. We cannot ship this to any address outside of the US or Canada.