Magic Wand Micro


Magical tiny vibrator with throbby vibrations and Magic Wand quality. Quiet, mild-to-strong, and easy to use.

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A tiny powerhouse backed by the Magic Wand reputation and engineering. This is the perfect travel companion; a 4″vibrator for any time you want something that goes from mild to intense. Quiet and throbby, it’s able to fit between 2 bodies with ease. USB-C charging means it charges quickly.

Offers 3 speeds and 4 different vibration modes.

Color: White
Size: 4″ long
Material: Silicone with plastic body
Power: Rechargeable by USB-c cord, included.
Cleaning Instructions: Clean head with a damp cloth; this item is not splashproof or waterproof.
Special Instructions: Do not use with silicone lube.

Warranty: One year warranty with the  manufacturer. Keep your box and receipt for warranty service.

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