Fascinator Throw


The Fascinator Throw is like a magic carpet for adults. One of our long-time favorite products for anybody, this fabulous throw is especially handy for sex play that might get a little wet ’n’ wild. Perfect for squirters who want to keep the bed dry.

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One customer’s thoughts:  ”I recently had someone at your store order a throw from Liberator for me, and I said that I would let you know what I thought about it. We love it! I release a lot of fluid during sex (sometimes copious) and it is so nice not to have to change the sheets or sleep on a towel if we’ve been frisky. Truly liberating! We’ve washed and dried the throw several times already and have noted no deterioration at all. Eventually we plan to get several more.”

Whether it be lubricant, sweat, or bodily fluids, the Fascinator will protect your sheets and provide a luxurious surface for your romp. Throw your throw in the washing machine afterwards, and you’re good to go! Many folks appreciate the peace of mind and easy clean up (and excuse to get it on more often), and some just enjoy having a wonderful soft blanket to cover the floor, bed or other furniture One of our staff members found that it made the perfect picnic blanket, too. It’s waterproof, with three layers:

  • one side with velvety microfiber
  • in the middle, soft nylon to soak up fluids
  • on the other side, polyester satin for a silky, smooth texture.

Use it with the satin side up to make things more slippery, with the other side up for a different sensation. Also makes a good blanket for those steamy summer months when you need a lightweight, cool fabric to lounge on. Measures 5’ x 6’.Colors: Black, Gray, Purple or Merlot


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Any color, Black, Grey, Merlot, Purple, Indigo

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