Let’s Fool Around


This card game offers two decks of cards and a set of simple instructions—for two players, shuffle only the deck with red text, and tease your partner by following instructions like “Act out your favorite rated R or XXX movie scene,” “Make out in the nearest closet for 7 minutes,” and “Seductively French kiss the most phallic object you can find.” The rules leave the conclusion of the game open-ended, telling players to continue until they are “ready for sex.”

Three or more willing players can shuffle the two decks together (107 cards), and each player gets to choose who to perform their card on. The prompts range from silly (“Give a lap dance to the person you think most acts like Santa Claus”), to sexy (“Lick all other players on whatever body part they request”), to strange (“Spank the player who looks most like your mother or father”), to sweet (“Kiss the player that you think has the oldest soul”).

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