Legends of Lust


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I never rush negotiations.” I slowly pull my veil from his neck, wrap it around his slim hips, and tie a knot at the side. I flick my gaze at the two wide-eyed guards standing nearby.

Usually I prefer the customary bartering, but your method is clearly superior” says Solomon.

Have you ever thought about the conversations between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon? Author Autumn Bardot has. Legends of Lust takes the cultural myths of history and turns them ever so gently on their erotic heads. Celtic Scotland, Amazons of Tibet, Japanese shape-shifting Jorogumo, First Nations Kokopelli, Amazonian Encantado, South African lightening birds. Legends of Lust are historic legends in erotic form. Mostly heterosexual romps are very explicit and very sexy. Tell everyone you’re finally ready the Epic of Gilgamesh and you won’t be lying.