Leather Velcro Blindfold


When looking for a substantial, well-made blindfold, the Leather Velcro Blindfold might meet your needs. Hand crafted in Japan, the Leather Velcro Blindfold is both substantial and minimalist. The long velcro strip allows for a fair amount of adjustment, and is worn without a clamping sensation. Clever individuals could see past the edges, but that’s up to you to prevent. No eye cup space (flat leather against the eyes) might be irritating for some over a long period of wearing.

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Size: Total length 26″ (flat), with 2.5″ wide eye height. Fits heads 7-9″ diameter.
Color: Dark Brown
Material: Leather
Care & Cleaning: Splashable, use non-moisturizing soap and warm water to clean. Do not soak.