Le Wand Petite


You like the power of the Magic Wand, but the weight is getting a bit hard to handle? Le Petite Wand is a lovely, lithe, light silicone-head vibrator with multiple whisper-quiet modes. Small, but mighty, Le Petite Wand delivers powerful throbby vibrations, but with a smaller shaft to hold and lighter weight, it feels more refined and less like an appliance. Rechargeable power adds mobility. Travel lock (hold + & – at same time for 3 sec) means your vibrator won’t startle you at unexpected moments.

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Color: RoseGold, Violet.
Size: 2×2″ head, w/ total length of 10″.
Material: plastic body w/ silicone head.
Power: Rechargeable. USB cord included.
Cleaning Instructions: wipe down head of toy with a warm, soapy water on a washcloth. Do not immerse toy in water.
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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Any color, RoseGold, Violet

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