Kissable Massage Set


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When you want to use your mouth in your massage sex play, the Kissable Massage Set adds flavor to three massage oil samples. The oil texture is fairly creamy and long lasting, and they’ve added a touch of pheromones and pheromone odors (cucumber!), to enhance your motivation. Flavors are classic Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, which can make your lover’s body into a tasty treat (whipping cream not included). Lovely play toy and lovely gift.


We strongly recommend against using any oil product on or in the genitals, as our customers report trouble with Bacterial Vaginosis after using oils.


Ingredients: soy oil, natural and artifical flavors, Vitamin E, passionfruit seed (2 types), olive, jojoba, coconut, pistacio and almond oils, glycerin, water, pueraria mirifica root extract (phytoestrogen), cucumber extract, Estratetraenol.