Jules is a very stretchy erection ring can be worn during solo or partner play, but the long surface area of the vibrator and the textured sleeve make this a great choice for people who want hands-free, vibrating pleasure during penetration. Stretch the ring around the base of the penis (or a dildo), allowing a receptive partner to position the vibrator right where they want it. Vibrator has single on-off switch at base and provides buzzy vibration that is mid-range in sound when running.


Color: Varies: Blue, Clear or Purple.
Size: Sleeve is 1″ wide x 4 1/2″ long; inner diameter of ring is 1″; vibrator is 3/4″ wide x 2 1/4″ long
Material: Sleeve is elastomer, one plastic vibrator.
Batteries: 6 micro (included)
Cleaning Instructions: Wash with soapy warm water.
Special Instructions: Use only water-based lubricants with this item, as silicone-based lubricants will melt its surface. Store separately from other squishy silicone toys, or they will melt together.
Important: Make sure to loosen the cap slightly on vibrators when not in use. This will keep it from turning on accidentally and wearing down the motor.

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