I Heart Orgasms


This book (revised from the original “I Heart Female Orgasm”) covers orgasms for EVERY body and every orientation. It offers a comprehensive look at orgasms for people with all variations of genitals and identities. You will learn:

  • Sexual Anatomy & Physiology
  • Psychology of arousal and orgasm…and lots more
  • The science behind variations in desire, arousal and orgasm
  • Problem-solving for when things don’t go the way you expect or want them to
  • Tips and tricks for enhancing communication, arousal, stimulation and pleasure

and much more!

While we disagree 100% with the information on the g-spot (there is NO g-spot…ask us if you want to know more) the rest of the book is accurate and offers great information and advice on a wide range of orgasm-related topics for people of all genders, bodies and orientations.


Authors: Dorian Solot & Marshall Miller

308 pages