Heavy Stainless Plug with Jewel


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The heft of this will definitely remind you it’s there. Twice as heavy as our traditional stainless jewel plug. Has a more pointy end than the Stainless Fancy Jewel Plug.


  • Narrow neck allows plug to stay in during other kinds of play or wear around
  • Wash with soap and water
  • You can warm or cool this if you like to play with temperature


  • Small: 1 ” wide, 3″ overall length
  • Medium: 1.25″ wide, 3.25″ overall length
  • Large 1.5″ wide, 3.9″ overall length

Colors vary, but include purple, red, aqua and sometimes rainbow. If you have a preference for one color (or against another) put a note into the “special instructions” box to indicate your preferences. We’ll do our best to get you the color you prefer.

Material: Stainless steel with jewel plug in base

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