Healing Trauma Workbook


When you are looking for exercises to create connections between the mind and body–connections that are safe, strong and empowering–the Healing Sexual Trauma Workbook is for you. Created to help people build body-based skills to help create feelings of safety, as well as how to learn to define boundaries and live with resilience against challenges that arise. Healing from Sexual Trauma Workbook is not technically about sex, but it does address sexual aversion that may stem from surviving sexual trauma. No lecturing, over-intellectualizing, or judgmental attitudes, the Healing Sexual Trauma Workbook is very practical, easy to use, and helpful in guiding someone towards creating their own sexuality scope on their own terms.

If there is a negative, it is that the very few pictures show and case stories tell stories from a female gendered viewpoint, which might feel alienating for those of gender queer or male gendered perspectives. However none of the exercises are related to gender, and we hope that this unnecessary oversight is corrected in future editions.

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