Hard Hats


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Do you have a thing for construction workers? Electricians? Plumbers? If sweaty men with tool belts really rev your motor, this book is for you! Well-written, sexy stories by a variety of authors feature a range of characters and situations. In “Fantasy Man,” an office worker masturbates to the sight of a sexy construction worker across the road, only to have his fantasy become a reality. In “Sandhogs,” an experienced worker and a new hire have sex on their lunch break far beneath ground. In “Demo Dogs,” a man who hires a demolition crew to tear down his old house manages to seduce them all. There’s enough plot to bring the characters to life, but not so much that you have to flip ahead to find the good parts. Expect a lot of straightforward, enthusiastic oral, manual, and anal sex. There’s occasional toy play, one foot fetish story, and very little BDSM. A good choice when you want hot, entertaining gay erotica that features masculine men enjoying the heck out of each other.

240 pages. Edited by Neil Plakcy. 2008.