Great Sex Over 50 for Men


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Great Sex Over 50 for Men

This DVD from the Alexander Institute offers a comprehensive and charming insight into the realities of sex after fifty. It covers everything from menopause to masturbation, sex toys to self-image. The quirks of the aging body are covered in an understandable and friendly way and there is plenty of solid advice on how to work with life’s changes both physical and psychological. Real couples discuss how their sex lives have changed and remained hot and they demonstrate in explicit scenes just how they keep the fires burning! Some favorite scenes include a very fun and loving self-image mirror exercise, a lingerie modeling session and a wild and erotic dance. This series is a bit more risque than the others we offer: the sections on adding adventure to your sex life include scenes of voyeurism, exhibitionism and three-ways. This film is not exactly instructional; as with all of the Alexander Institute films, there is a combination of erotic scenes and information. If you’re looking for movies that show older people enjoying a wide variety of sexual situations, this is a good choice. 2007.

Running time: Approximately 70 minutes.