Girl Sex 101


Lots of visuals, info-graphics and line drawings.

Guest sex educators speak to their areas of expertise, e.g. respecting and celebrating the bodies of intersex people, navigating intimacy after trauma, sex positions that work better for people of size, etc.

Helpful tips and guidelines for successful communication and consent, Girl Sex 101 centers these skills as the key to navigating sexual intimacy. Suggests a variety of approaches to experiment and tune in to learn what your partner likes and discover what you like.

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Girl Sex 101 is a very visual, friendly guide which covers consent, communication, anatomy, self-discovery, dating, and plenty of techniques for play and pleasure. Focusing specifically on “ladies and lady-lovers of all genders and identities” concepts are introduced broadly, then given life through comics, examples of dialog, and input from other sex educators and readers. We love that the specific suggestions and skills are embedded in encouragement to reflect, ask questions, and do real work of authentically navigating the world of sex and relationships. Helps people find what all of that means to you and your relationships.

The author is inclusive of trans experiences at every stage of the book, and sidebars throughout the book are written by a transwoman. Is your partner transgender? intersex? have physical disabilities)? a survivor of assault? Girl Sex 101 helps you communicate.


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Allison Moon

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