Flower Nipple Clamps, Weighted


Weighted Nipple Clamps accentuate the exquisite sensation of tugging nipples when the body moves. With the 4 adjustable screws, you can adjust the sensation as you like. Back the screws out, pull nipple into opening, and set the right amount of clamping to keep them in place. Then, move, swing, shift and the Weighted Nipple Clamps will swing back and forth, tugging all the while, intensifying the sensation.

Can be a moderate to intense sensation.


Size:  Each clamp is 1.5″ across with a 4″ long black chain. Maximum nipple width possible: 0.75″.
Color: Black flower shapes with 4 adjustable screws. Each clamp has a short, black chain leading to black weights.
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with soapy warm water. Blot dry.
Wearing Instructions: Limit the time worn to <20 minutes to allow blood to flow back to nipples or clitoris. Tip sheet included.

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