Fleshlight SkinGrip


When playing with a penis is a bit like playing with a joy stick, the Fleshlight SkinGrip can help you out. This very popular stroker sleeve has stretchy finger holds integrated into the sleeve and a pressure release hole at the end where a thumb can go. The effect is that your hand doesn’t get as tired holding onto the sleeve, you can provide suction when you want, and you can still squeeze as hard as you want when you want to. The SkinGrip elastomer material is thinner than some other sleeves and size is not an issue. Helpful drying/storing plastic caddy keeps your SkinGrip sleeve from sticking to itself (or other toys) in storage.

Super fun sleeve. Use a high quality water-based lubricant liberally.

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Color: Translucent blue.
Size: 1″ wide x 5″ long, unstretched, but it is very flexible.
Material: Squishy elastomer.
Cleaning Instructions: Wash with soapy warm water.
Special Instructions:  Use only water-based lubricants with this item, as silicone-based lubricants will ruin the surface. Store separately from other squishy silicone toys, or they will meld together.

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