Finial Triad Set


Better as a sex toy than architecture, the Finial Triad Set is a set of three fine, smooth silicone anal toys perfect for those who want subtle introductions. Easy to hold in place because of the narrow neck, the Finial Triad Set are the smallest set-of-3 we sell which takes guessing about which intro size is the right size. There is a small pocket in the base which might hold a suction, but we wouldn’t count on that holding for long. “Getting to know you” is rarely this fun.

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Color: varies between Black or Purple.
Material: Silicone.
Size: #1: .75″ wide w/ 2.5″ insertion length; #2: 0.88″ wide w/ 3.5″ insertion length; #3: 1″ wide w/ 4.5″ insertion length.
Cleaning & Care Instructions: Warm soapy water. Do not use silicone lubricant.

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