FeMani® Vibrating Massage Wand


The FeMani® Vibrating Massage Wand is an FDA registered therapeutic vibrator to address issues in sexual health. These wand kits provide variable vibration, an easy-to-hold handle and different sized ends so that you can choose just the right size for your comfort. These wands include a high-quality motor and are made from body safe materials.

The FeMani® Vibrating Massage Wand may be recommended by your health care provider for:

  • Use in the Vaginal Renewal Program™
  • Use when you experience reduced arousal or sensation
  • Use when you are having difficulty reaching orgasm


To help choose the appropriate size to start with, determine how many lubricated fingers you can insert into your vagina when you are not aroused. For 1 finger, choose either the controller + wand 1, or the 1 & 2 set. For 2 fingers choose either the controller + wand 2, or the 2 & 3 set. Exact measurements are below. If you are unsure or between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller choice, which will still provide the beneficial massage without the potential strain or discomfort of being too big. People who have had pelvic radiation therapy often need to start with the wand 1 option.

The size 2&3 kit is for those who have a substantially-sized partner or who have had pelvic radiation and need a wide vibrating dilator to maintain the health of their vaginal space. Most people find that regular use of the Size 2 wand is sufficient to maintain vaginal skin health for comfortable penetration.

Each FeMani®Vibrating Massage Wand kit includes a controller and 2 different size ends. We recommend ordering at least a small bottle of a hybrid or moisturizing lubricant with your wand order to save on shipping. We recommend the Sutil Luxe as the best moisturizing lubricant for use with the Wand.

Your purchase may be made with your Health Savings Account funds or Flex Spending accounts or eligible for partial reimbursement through some health insurance plans. Please check with your insurance company for more information.

Color: White w/ purple accents.
Material: Medical grade ABS plastic ends with silicone buttons on controller.
Size: Size 1 diameter is .8″, insertable length is 6 1/4″. Size 2 diameter is 1.2″, insertable length is 6 1/4″. Size 3 diameter is 1.5″, insertable length is 6 1/4″. A controller is necessary for the wand to function.
Batteries: Three AAAs for size 1; two AAs for size 2 & 3; batteries included. Warning! Do not use Duracell. Energizer batteries work best in this product.
Cleaning: This item is not waterproof, please use a washcloth with mild soap and warm water to clean outside of shell. Do not expose controller to water.
Care & Storage: Safe to use with either water-based or silicone lubricants; remove 1 battery when not in use; store in a dark, dry, cool place.
Warranty: 1 year warranty with A Woman’s Touch. Please keep all packaging and receipt to redeem.

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Controller replacement, Kit: Controller + Wand 1+2, Kit: Controller + Wand 2+3, Size 1 Replacement End, Size 1 Wand with Controller, Size 2 Replacement End, Size 2 Wand with Controller, Size 3 Replacement End, Size 3 Wand with Controller

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