Erotic Massage Workshop


CLASS INFORMATION: Want to take it up a notch? In this add-on to the Couples Massage class, Sasha will cover erotic massage for vulvas and penises and breast/chest massage. We’ll talk about communication, techniques and strategies to bring you and your partner greater pleasure and sensation. All demos will be on models. No sexual contact or nudity will occur. Workshop is 1 hour long.

***Please note that this class is for partners who have completed the Couples Massage workshop. For Couples Massage session options, click here!***

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TIME: Online class is 1 hour long.

COST: $40 per couple (two people)
DATES: October 23, 2021 or December 04, 2021 or January 15, 2022.
REGISTRATION: Pre-payment and registration required. You can do this online, over the phone (608-250-1928) or at our store. Please review our cancellation policy before purchase. All couples over 18 welcome. Please register with a partner; price is for two people.

INSTRUCTOR BIO:  Sasha Lasdon is a somatic sex educator, dance and somatics teacher and bodyworker. She is trained in a wide variety of massage modalities. She has taught movement and touch in the U.S. and Europe and loves to help people increase their touch vocabulary. Visit to find out more about Sasha.

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Workshop Dates

December 4, 2021, January 15, 2022, October 23, 2021