Egg Twister


One of the most arousing points on a penis is not the tip of the glans, but at a point called the frenulum, or just at the point where then glans ‘cap’ joins the shaft. Twisting and rubbing that sensitive spot is the closest point to the nerves at the tip of the clitoris, so many people with penises particularly enjoy stimulation of that spot. The Egg Twister takes that anatomy into account, and provides super flexible fins to ride over the head, sensitizing that particular point. Super stretchy elastomer material feels so… squishy with lube. Highly recommended for those with a newly created penis, and those wanting to explore any part of the penis or androgenized “clitoris”.

Store in included plastic egg shell. The elastomer material will eventually wear out, but you’ll have a lot of fun before you get there.

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Size:¬†2″ wide and 2.5″ long.
Material: Elastomer
Color: White
Cleaning Instructions: Use water based lube only. Soap and water wash, and use corn starch or talc to dust off and rejuvenate.

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