Ecstatic Moments


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Three short erotic stories from Libido’s book The Ecstatic Moment – basically literary erotica in movie form. The quality is high, and the sex scenes are quite steamy and passionate. If you like commentary, listen to the story assessments before each of the three scenes; otherwise, fast-forward through. Absolutely the best woman + woman + vibrator + vibrator scene on film, and well worth it for that alone.

The three stories have three diverse themes: a group of women turns the tables on a macho man and puts him on the sexual hot seat; an uptight professor finds herself in a hot encounter with another woman (and a couple of Hitachi Magic Wands); and a high-powered female executive is given the opportunity to live out her fantasy of submission. Steamy and interesting.

Region 1 compatible. 78 min. Produced in 2000.
Featuring James Bonn, Tristan Taormino, Amy Jo Goddard, Carol Queen, Shanna McCullough, Gina Rome, Claudio, and Mickey G. Written, produced and directed by Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp (of Libido Films).

Region Free, NTSC. This DVD is formatted as Region-free, but will only work in NTSC machines).