Donut ER


People who use erection rings have really enjoyed the snug-enough-to-work but loose-enough-to-feel-comfortable fit of the Donut ER. The half-inch length makes the Donut ER way easier to move around with slippery fingers, and the curved edges mean that the Donut ER can be rolled into place. Don’t be fooled by the cushy-comfortable the compressible elastomer ring material: it looks thick but in use it is both stretchy and compressible. Colors vary upon availability.

Holds erections thru preventing venous leak out of the veins of the penis and can be used after vacuum pumping.


Size: Unstretched inner ring is 1″, and comfortably stretched to 1.5″ or so; outer diameter = 2″
Color: varies upon availability
Material: Elastomer
Care & Cleaning: Use non-moisturizing soap and warm water to clean; do not use silicone lubricant.

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Any color, Black, Blue, Frost Clear

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