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Have you ever wondered how to make sext  & love texts hip, intriguing, and catchy, while avoiding the awkward and forgettable texts? Dirty Talking & Texting Tips…gives straightforward pointers to help you connect, or stay connected. Helpful rules include things NOT to do, such as:

  • overtexting, or rushing connection
  • overwhelming the receiver
  • over use punctuation or acronyms
  • trusting autocorrect, although these can be pretty funny as long as you don’t send them.


Good for someone looking for ways to break away from texting as the only form of communication, Dirty Talking & Texting Tips is like an ettiquette guide to texting. Great glossary for parents & grandparents trying to sext themselves, or understand someone elses sext.


Drawbacks, sure. Completely sexist, frankly, with lots of assumptions about female writers of sexts to male receivers–Rule 2 is “remember, he’s a man” as though men only have tiny emotional capacities, and women need to use con-artist tactics. Sheesh. Also some non-consentual “tricking” people out of giving their phone numbers just isn’t cool, ever.

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Lisa Sweet

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