When you like a flicking action rather than a direct vibration, Demi provides it in a splashable, rechargable package. Switch is an easy-to-operate push button at the bottom, and she’ll cycle through 10 different modes to help you find the right vibration intensity and pattern. Easy to grip, her vibration can be intensely throbby when pressed in.

Because the charger plugs in through the silicone, we don’t rate Demi as waterproof, but she’s pretty easy to clean with a soapy cloth and a quick rinse.

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Size: 1.25″ at widest point, with potential insertable length of 3.5″; total length is 4.25″.

Color: Red
Power  Rechargeable. USB charge cord included.
Material: Silicone.
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty.
Cleaning: Soap and water wash, item is splashable, but don’t soak under water.

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