Deluxe Curiosity Kit



“…well, just a little….” Curious, are you? How do you experiment without the proper laboratory tools, mm? Our AWT Deluxe Curiosity Kit includes:

  • 1 blindfold
  • 1 rocket vibrator (battery included)
  • 1 stretchy ring (for grip, but don’t use silicone lube on this one)
  • 1 silicone anal plug
  • 1 set plastic anal beads
  • 1 black paraffin candle
  • 1 adjustable-size restraints
  • 2 silicone lubricant samples

Add a curious point-of-view, a willing mind, and a body. Lock your doors. Please don’t leave candle burning unattended. If you need further instruction, check out some of the basic books we have on sensation play.

Let the experiments begin.

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