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If you’re looking for just one thing to spice up your sex life, this might just be it. Of course, it’s really 366 things, but who’s counting?

Daily Sex is designed to encourage heterosexual couples to try new sexual activities and positions, with 366 (one is for a leap year) different ways to make love. Some are positions for sexual intercourse, others are non-intercourse positions for exploring pleasure. The idea is to have more sex, and to do so creatively.

While  you don’t have to push yourselves to have sex every day (although the author advocates some sort of sex activity daily), this book is full of different ways to enjoy sexual intimacy. Some of the positions are best done by those with good balance and a sense of adventure, others are perfect for those who are less limber.

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We love that the line drawings of the couples show people of all body types and races. We also like the emphasis on sexual communication. The author encourages you to learn what you do and don’t enjoy, and asks that you keep your mind open and try every one of the ideas in the book before deciding against any of them.

392 pages. Author: Jane Seddon. 2004.

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