Curvy Girl Sex


When you are looking for an affirming, body-positive, celebratory book of sex positions, Curvey Girl Sex is a great book. Both sex- and queer-positive, line drawings representing many types of couples helps someone looking for detailed descriptions of positions for self-pleasuring and partner play, including specific adjustments for different sizes of different body parts. You’ll find helpful tips on types of toys and props to make solo or partner sex more comfortable and enjoyable for larger bodies, and positions for penetrative, oral and manual partner sex that can apply to all genders and orientations. The author uses gender neutral language of “giver” and “receiver”, although some readers may want to substitute their own language for specific body parts when they’re named. Includes anecdotes about struggles with body image, reclaiming autonomy of one’s body and desire, and suggestions on how to tune in to an embodied experience of arousal and sensuality. Wonderful book.

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This book doesn’t have:

  • in depth discussions of anatomy, sexual health, physiological or psychological processes of arousal (some basic information on these topics is covered)

Details that make this book unique:

  • Icons on the top of each page readily identify which positions are easier on particular body parts (e.g. less strain on back or knees, well-suited to someone with large thighs, etc.).
  • Encourages exploration and experimentation – no assumption that any given position will work for every body