Cuffed Tied & Satisfied


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Cuff Tied and Satisfied is a friendly, engaging guide to exploring the world of kink with a partner. Reading this book feels like talking to a trusted girlfriend who has your back. She also knows her stuff: she brings knowledge from extensive hands-on experience as a specialized sex therapist, as well as in depth research through reading, interviews, and practice. Jaiya even weaves her own personal kink adventuring story into the practical how-tos. It can be both comforting and inspiring to read about her own process of confronting fears, hang-ups, and judgements to reach blissful break-throughs and empowering pleasure. Her bubbly, enthusiastic approach may feel encouraging to some, but also might be too playful or zealous for other readers.

We love that she begins by inviting readers to dig deep, emphasizing the importance of trust, consent, and knowledge of self, partner, and play before putting anything into practice. She has devised clever, unique exercises and prompts to help readers figure out how to get kinky authentically, and covers everything from safety and communication, to power play and bondange.  The examples and suggestions definitely have a heterosexual, monogamous partnership in mind, but her tips and advice are general enough to translate fairly well to most relationships or situations. We recommend this book to anyone who is interested to adding some “50 Shades of Grey” action to an already established and healthy sex life, but is looking for an upbeat, warmly written instructional manual for getting started.