Crystal Sleeve, Deluxe


This soft, stretchy, silicone Pink Crystal Sleeve offers a squishy snug fit to add extra stimulation when stroking a penis. A popular choice for people wanting a pleasurable new addition to their penis stroking repertoire. The opening looks (somewhat) like a vulva. Open on both ends so that it is snug but doesn’t add suction to the experience. A good choice for those with longer penises and those who like a lot of motion during stimulation.

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Color: Pink.
Size: 3″ wide x 6″ long.
Material: Elastomer.
Cleaning Instructions: Turn inside out and clean with soapy warm water. The noises made during cleaning may remind you of giving your tribble a bath.
Special Instructions: If item gets sticky after washing, dust with cornstarch. Use only water-based lubricants with this item, as silicone-based and oil-based lubricants will cause it to melt.

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