Condom Sampler: Grande


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The ”grande” size range can be a difficult fit, because too tight can be uncomfortable or limit sensation. This Grande latex sampler includes one condom of each type of our widest/longest sizes currently available.

  • Hex XL (Hextra)
  • Kimono Maxx Large Flare
  • One: The Legend
  • Trojan Magnum
  • Trojan Magnum XL
  • a sample of FeMani Smooth Silicone

Remember, the silicone lubricant in a condom package is just there to protect the condom when unrolling. Many people feel that they need more during sexual play. We recommend dabbing some lubricant inside the head of the condom before it’s put on to increase sensation for the wearer. Then dab a bit on the penis shaft on the outside, which helps keep the condom from breaking from the friction of use. (Note: the picture is only representative and shows fewer than actually in sampler.)


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