Comfort Grip Flogger


This well-made Comfort Flogger is  great for anyone looking for a good quality, affordable toy. Everything about this flogger makes it comfortable for the person doing the flogging: the handle is short and easy to grip, the Comfort Flogger is lightweight (so it won’t wear out your wrist), and it’s very easy to maneuver. The falls are made of fairly soft suede, deerskin, or regular leather; they provide light thud with minimal sting (of the three,  the deerskin is the lightest, while the suede provides the most thud). A good choice for a knowledgeable beginner; it would also make a good warm-up flogger.

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Length: 18 1/2″ overall; falls are about 13 1/2″ long.
Color: Black, Purple.
Texture: Deerskin, Leather, or Suede.

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Any color, Black, Purple


Deerskin, Full Cow, Suede

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